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What is a CARF Survey?

CARF CertificateAs a step toward accreditation, a provider invites CARF to send a team of surveyors to visit its site and evaluate its services for quality. The surveyors consult with leadership and staff members, and interview people who use the provider's services. Based on the surveyors' review, the provider may be awarded accreditation for a term of one or three years, or for CARF-CCAC accreditation, a term of up to five years. In some cases, the provider may need to improve its services before it can become accredited.

What Distinguishes our Accreditation Survey?

We believe that accreditation is a partnership with the service provider. The survey is consultative rather than inspective. The survey team recommends improvements to services. We allow you to seek accreditation with the program standards that match your needs -- including the option to blend from different standards manuals to accurately reflect your agency's multi-faceted services.

What distinguishes an accredited organization? Organizations that have achieved accreditation demonstrate:

  • A higher degree of internal quality.
  • Greater involvement of persons served in their services.
  • Increased cohesion among staff members at all levels within the organization.
  • Enhanced status of the surveyed services within the community.

When your organization is accredited, the public is assured that you are committed to continually improving the quality of your services and your organization's focus is on service outcomes and customer feedback and satisfaction.

Comments made by CARF surveyors during the last accreditation survey:

  • "CSDD benefits from compassionate staff members who are committed to the persons they serve. They are creative and are encouraged to us their talents to benefit persons served."
  • "CSDD has developed an impressive corporate compliance program for their organization."
  • "The organization has explored unique ways of finding jobs in the community, including the creation of micro-businesses."
  • "Staff members strive to develop activities and outings that individuals request to do. A variety of activities, in-house and in the community, are provided with the goal of enhancing persons’ skills."

CSDD has continually received 3-year accreditation status with CARF. For more information about CARF and its standards please visit: