Events at CSDD

Award Winners

Pat Haver - Parent/Guardian of the Year
Pat is a person served mom/guardian that has contributed generously to many (if not all) CSDD-Warren functions and fundraisers.  She is always the first to ask “what do you need”.


Pam Peacock – Neighbor Of The Year
Pam and The Fraternal Order Of Eagles held a dinner fundraiser at their Mt. Clemens location.  This fundraiser netted a $1600 donation to CSDD-Warren before all was said and done.  Pam’s sister attends CSDD-Warren 5 days per week.



James W - Person Served of the Year
James is a pleasant and helpful individual that is always there to lend a helping hand to both his fellow persons served or staff.  James has excellent attendance and takes part in all of the events that CSDD-Warren has to offer (including basketball and the Talent Show).  He is a friend to all and an excellent participant.


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